By John Glenday, Reporter

November 8, 2021 | 2 min read

Amazon has kickstarted its Christmas campaigning with the angelic voice of Adele helping to promote the kindness of strangers amid the annual consumer frenzy.

The global campaign has been created by Lucky Generals and recounts the story of a young woman forming a new friendship with her neighbor while attempting to resume a normal life following recent upheavals.

Communicating the value of kindness over any material gifts, the campaign highlights how it is the people around us who make Christmas truly special.

Ed Smith, EU general manager of integrated marketing at Amazon, said: “This holiday season will be shaped by what we’ve experienced during the pandemic. The past 18 months have been challenging for people across the globe, including many young adults. Our time together cannot be taken for granted. So this year, while the world will not be totally back to normal, opportunities for kindness and connection will take on a newfound importance.”

Dovetailing with the Christmas campaigning is a dedicated festive store offering Amazon customers a one-stop solution for gift inspiration in the lead-up to the end-of-year holiday.

The start of November has become the de facto starting gun for Christmas preparations as brands push forward their marketing windows to maximize exposure for the critical spending period, with Coca-Cola among the latest to show its hand in our 2021 festive round-up.

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