Baker Mayfield delivers the goods for Alice Cooper in postal promo

American football player Baker Mayfield has returned to our screens on behalf of home insurance provider Progressive with an unlikely encounter with rock’n’roll legend Alice Cooper.

The collision between the worlds of music and sport was precipitated by a parcel mix-up, with Mayfield playing the role of the good neighbor by passing on a pair of knee-length leather boots that would never pass muster with NFL officials.

Extending a series of adverts in which Mayfield embodies the mundanity of homeownership to which we can all relate, the piece picks up on the ‘funny because it’s true’ theme by dint of the fact that Mayfield’s FirstEnergy stadium sits next door to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Arnold chief creative officer Sean McBride explained: “At some point, we realized that living at FirstEnergy Stadium meant that Baker was neighbors with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And neighbor politics are such a huge part of homeownership. Like it or not, everything from our day-to-day happiness to our long-term financial wellbeing is affected by whoever ends up living next door. So for any homeowner, there’s real tension and meaning in those relationships.

“In this spot, I think we take great advantage of that voltage by essentially playing the joke the opposite of how you’d expect us to play it. Alice Cooper isn’t the neighbor who keeps you up all night with parties and loud music. He’s the online shopping addict, the neighbor who wants to borrow a tool to get some yard work done before it’s too late in the season.”

Dovetailing with the tenth anniversary of Cooper’s induction into the hall of fame, the genre mash-up proves that not even celebrities are immune from wayward postal deliveries.