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Greenlight’s Ysabelle Devereux named ‘content marketing rising star of the year’

Ysabelle Devereux

Ysabelle Devereux of Greenlight won the ‘Content marketing rising star’ category at The Drum Awards for Content 2021. Here, the team behind the winning entry share the secrets of Ysabelle’s success...

How it started

Ysabelle Devereux’s journey into Digital PR began after completing her Masters in MA Corporate Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations at the University of Leeds. Prior to this, she completed a Bachelor of Legal Studies comprising of multiple communication and marketing subjects. It was here where she had the opportunity to partake in a study abroad program at the University of North Georgia. Both this and her extensive travels through Europe, Asia, United States and Central America have equipped her with an array of experiences that have helped push her forward in her career. An inventive and ambitious person, Ysabelle prospers in challenging and stimulating situations.

How it’s going

Since beginning her career at Greenlight, Ysabelle has graduated from participating in strategy meetings to leading the Digital PR strategy for one of our key clients (Bolt Burdon Kemp). She led their 2021 always-on link-building activity, choosing topics and focus keywords, through to project management of press asset creation and outreach execution. This strategy has so far seen the client obtain coverage in Sky News, Vice, GQ and The Law Gazette. Ysabelle has also seen great success in heading up client comms for the channel, receiving personal praise in a positive The Drum Recommends rating. Ysabelle also co-leads strategy for our largest account (Dixons Carphone), for which she contributes to campaign ideation, Digital PR strategy planning, and campaign execution.

Not only has Ysabelle been a huge contributor to both client work and new business, but she’s achieved all this growth in her first year whilst working entirely remotely during a pandemic. She’s been a vital player in how we operate during the midst of a pandemic too, organising online socials, and suggesting new and improved processes and communication strategies for her team and the entire Content & Digital PR department. There’s a quality, care, and heart in all that Ysabelle does and turns her hand to.

Key results

• Improved always-on link-building service for our client Bolt Burdon Kemp, resulting in links from Sky News, Vice, GQ and The Law Gazette (35 pieces of coverage over 7 months, average of 5 pieces of coverage per month);

• Average 194% completion of campaigns across two key clients;

• In her short time, Ysabelle has successfully participated in two pitches – a win and positive client response;

• Leading client comms on one key account, with positive The Drum Recommends rating by name;

• Reviewed new suppliers for media database tools to improve Digital PR services within the department;

• High work ethic, working consistent overtime to produce exceptional results and assist other members of the team with their campaigns

Ysabelle also:

• Impressed a key client, legal firm Bolt Burdon Kemp, within the first six months of leading the Digital PR strategy for the account – receiving a public recommendation. In Greenlight’s most recent The Drum Recommends rating from the client, Ysabelle was mentioned by name as being a key member of the account and particularly impressing in the content marketing space. They’re a complex account, which often requires planning outreach strategy around controversial and hard-hitting topics, so receiving such high praise is exceptional.

• Stepped up to lead all client communications and Digital PR for this client within a year of starting at Greenlight, quickly impressing with her can-do attitude and innovative thinking. She especially drove value from always-on link-building activity for the client, a service she assisted in upselling within six months of beginning her career at Greenlight. And, to date, she has won high-value coverage and links from titles such as GQ and Vice.

• Took her campaign 'Diversity and the Law' for Bolt Burdon Kemp to 117% completion with 18 pieces of coverage despite the piece being launched over the tough Christmas period. She consistently revisited press angles in light of the news cycle as it changed, resulting in coverage not only from legal press but also from equality charities and the Welsh government.

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