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Mediacorp invests in slew of immersive shows that showcase AR, AI and miniature modelling


By Shawn Lim | Reporter, Asia Pacific

October 29, 2021 | 3 min read

Mediacorp has launched eight productions that will use tech to showcase the shows’ storytelling.


Audiences can also look forward to experiencing “screen reality”, with specially designed graphics

The project, called “Project Premiere”, will feature technologies like computer-generated imagery, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and miniature modeling.

What are the eight productions?

  • English drama Sephia, which tells an apocalyptic tale set in Singapore and showcases explosive scenes that use miniature modeling and controlled pyrotechnics to enhance realism.

  • Another English show, Amaranthine, delves into the topic of immortality and humanity, and audiences can interact with the show’s content using 3D filters.

  • Kids drama Syber Surfer Sam depicts a villain-stopping plot and mixes elements of traditional hand-drawn 2D animations with 3D computer graphics for a refreshing take on graphic animations.

  • Chinese youth drama Why? Victor《如果有选择》takes the audience through various scenarios to unravel the mystery behind the death of the protagonist, Victor, who seemingly comes back to life as an AR figure. Coupled with the drama’s interactive element, audiences can make decisions and create their adventures at various plot points by choosing from one of two options.

  • Another Chinese show, Justice Boo《拯灵 49 天》sees the revered Justice Bao and his team working together with a female psychic Jia Tian Yu in the mortal realm, to correct a miscarriage of justice from a thousand years ago. This show will feature an innovative AR element coupled with an AI-mapping mobile app. Viewers will be able to access exclusive, crucial information vital to the plot development via the app.

  • Tamil dramas Amaran and Sepoy will be making their debut. Amaran’s plot depicts an ancient prophecy that the protagonist must fulfill to save humanity. The show incorporates minimalist line art graphic animations in some scenes where the characters will be sketched in likeness to the cast.

  • These scenes will be played out with a voiceover, sound effects, music, and accompanying text elements that mimic a graphic novel. Sepoy tells a romantic narrative against the backdrop of 19th century Singapore, and more details on the show will be provided closer to the premiere date.

  • The multi-lingual series Bellatrix Rise is produced in Malay and English and will launch in December. It tells a zombie apocalypse story set in Singapore, and showcases a vertical format video, whereby parts of the story will be produced “selfie-style”.

  • Audiences can also look forward to experiencing “screen reality”, with specially designed graphics and animation works that will allow viewers to feel like they are viewing the characters’ phone screens.

Media Future of TV Future of Media

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