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Technology as a superpower: how HP engaged young adults with Amazon Ads

“The world, as we know it, has changed completely and it’s clear that creativity is going to be an imperative skill that will drive the problem-solving to help the world move forward; more collaborative, purposeful and useful than ever before.”

These words from Dan Henry, head of marketing, HP UK & Ireland are just as relevant to the world of marketing today as they were to HP’s ambitions for its ‘Every dream in the making’ campaign.

Aligned with the brand’s corporate focus on world issues including sustainability, the campaign centered on the stories of four activists who are inspiring the world to take on large global challenges, to showcase the power of what can be achieved with a ‘driven youth’ (younger adults generation as defined by HP) open mindset, told by those who hold ‘technology as their superpower’.

In this exclusive interview with The Drum, HP's Dan Henry and Zach Johnson, director, international advertising sales and global accounts at Amazon Ads, reveal how Amazon Ads provided the canvas for HP’s creative storytelling to help achieve its marketing goals.

For a deep dive into HP’s ‘Every dream in the making’ campaign, watch the video in full above.

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