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By John Glenday, Reporter

October 27, 2021 | 2 min read

A US pizza parlor has thrown itself into the maelstrom of domestic politics by taking a stand against the perceived gerrymandering of elections by politicians keen to slice the electoral map in their favor.

Gerry’s Partisan Pizza Shop targets fast and loose politicians with fast food this weekend from a pop-up Texas restaurant, before hitting the road on a two-week food truck tour of America’s manipulated districts to dish out free pizza and quell voter apathy.

Equating voter district boundaries with pizza delivery zones, the cheeky PR stunt, masterminded by grassroots anti-corruption organization RepresentUS and Mischief @ No Fixed Address, limits service to customers resident within the 37th congressional district, with those unfortunate enough to live outwith these bounds being turned away.

Joshua Graham Lynn, president of RepresentUs, explained: “If you don’t like pizza places that hand-pick their customers, you are going to hate it when you hear about politicians hand-picking voters. By rigging the delivery zone of Gerry’s Partisan Pizza, RepresentUs is showing voters how politicians manipulate voting districts to rig elections – and giving voters a way to do something about it.”

Those who navigate the red tape successfully will be able to avail themselves of a Mandered Margherita, Choosing Voters Cheese and Politicians’ Pick Pepperoni, making a political statement by tucking into hot tomato and cheese slices.

Backed by a local TV advertising campaign in Austin, where Democrat voters have been ‘packed’ into one area by Republican lawmakers, the promotional stunt will explain how the practice is limiting the influence of Democratic voters on the governance of the state of Texas.

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