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Ad of the Day: Burberry’s dreamlike dance through nature celebrates spirit of exploration

British fashion house Burberry has unveiled a surreal campaign that takes viewers on a journey through the freedom of imagination. Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, ‘Open Spaces’ was created by Megaforce and produced by Riff Raff Films.

The choreographed spot leans on the brands’ heritage of creating iconic outerwear to help its consumers embrace nature and explore new places. This youthful spirit is embodied by a quote from founder Thomas Burberry, ‘Inherent in every Burberry garment is freedom,’ which still rings true today.

Italian fashion designer and chief creative officer of Burberry Riccardo Tisci collaborated on the film direction with Megaforce to bring the vision to life. The video features four bold individuals bounding weightlessly through fields, stepping through a towering forest and floating beautifully over a cliff edge. Symbolism plays a huge role in the film, and toward the end we see the characters being magnetically pulled together, becoming one entity flying through the sky – a nod to our interconnectedness with nature and one another.

“Freedom allows us to be creative, to dream, to be anything or anyone. Burberry, like me, has had freedom at its heart since the very beginning,” said Tisci.

“This campaign celebrates the fearless spirit of exploration, which connects us with one another and the natural world. It’s about pushing boundaries and pursuing endless possibilities – looking to the future and connecting us all.”

To accompany the majestic film, photographer Ewan Spencer shot dynamic images from different perspectives showing the allure of nature and showcasing Burberry’s instantly-recognizable outerwear.

“Burberry is synonymous with British style and the subcultural moments typified by British youth. This campaign captures a vista of opportunity and optimism that encapsulates that spirit,” Spencer said.

On the film, the team at Megaforce said: “We had so much fun working on this campaign – as much as it looks! For this film, we had the idea to celebrate the joy of being free, the love for nature and the strength of the collective. These are familiar themes to Burberry’s vocabulary as well as its heritage of exploring the outdoors. We wanted to communicate these notions and it’s such a nice feeling when something out of our imagination becomes a reality.”

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