Podcast: how do agencies prove their purpose to clients?

Purpose is a woolly term - but an agency’s values are the bedrock on which the business is built. So to what extent are we talking the same language when we discuss our agencies’ purposes, and how do we ensure that our clients and employees are brought along on our journey?
In this episode of The Drum Network’s podcast a panel of our members take us through how they built their agencies upon a singular set of values - and how they maintain them as they bring new people along for the ride. We discuss:
  • How do you build a business around your personal beliefs?

  • Do clients really care what your agency’s purpose is - or will the ability to deliver on briefs always take precedence?

  • How do you maintain your values as you take on new team members?

This episode features insight from StrawberryFrog head of strategy Chip Walker and managing director of Manifesto Rebecca Hull.