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October 14, 2021 | 4 min read

Impact won the ‘Vendor of the Year’ category at The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries 2021. Here, the team behind the winning entry reveal the secrets of their success...

The vision

Impact arms marketers with insights about their partnerships, enabling them to adjust payout rates based on over 100 factors, such as new versus existing customers or geography, and helps clients work across a range of partnership types, including influencers, strategic B2B partners, premium publishers, and more. Advertisers also gain the ability to reward early funnel contributors in conjunction with the partner that achieved the last click.

Impact makes it possible for advertisers to manage their affiliate, influencer, mobile app, and B2B partnerships (and more) on a single global platform. Its Partnership Cloud technology maximizes the impact of partnerships and unlocks the power of automation, fine-tuning and turbocharging a huge variety of programs.

The Partnership Cloud automates key stages of the partnership life cycle. It eliminates manual, error-prone spreadsheet work, and enables teams to focus on strategy and the human touch. From discovery and recruitment to contracting and payments, all the way through to tracking and optimization, Impact ensures that partnerships represent a significant source of incremental growth and new revenue streams for clients of all sizes, across a range of sectors.

Its platform arms marketers with insights about partnerships. It enables advertisers to adjust payout rates based on over 100 factors, for instance, and allows advertisers and partners the freedom to negotiate mutually beneficial terms. Advertisers can also ensure all parties fair compensation.

A study by Forrester Consulting found that organizations that deploy Impact’s Partnership Cloud enjoy a return on investment of over 300% – with payback in under six months.

Thanks to Impact, partnership programs have become the fastest-growing revenue stream for a range of organizations.

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Recent innovations include Impact Data Lab, which enables clients to manipulate and bend large swaths of data to uncover unique stories about how their customers and partners are interacting. Data Lab gives them the flexibility to create unique reports and build a fully customizable dashboard in one place – providing the flexibility and functionality to identify and showcase trends and anomalies within data so clients can take action.

Impact’s TrueLink function allows advertisers and partners to dynamically redirect users to anywhere in the advertiser’s app. Neither partner nor customer need take any action and the advertiser needs only place a few simple rules. From there on a customer can be directed to the appropriate product page for what they were browsing and to the app store if they haven’t already downloaded the app, bringing a better customer experience and better conversions. All this comes on top of solving for app-to-app tracking and commission, a challenge that has blighted the partner marketing ecosystem for years.

Meanwhile, Impact’s Discover is part of a suite of tools that helps companies efficiently find and recruit new partners at scale. It unearths partners of all types and sizes, allowing enterprises to pinpoint specific selections, filtered by channel, geography, reach, audience demographics, fake follower count and other characteristics. This highly visual tool provides a full picture of each prospective partner.


From start-ups to established brands, many organizations are choosing Impact because its technology helps them grow revenue through the partnership channel. Organizations that work with Impact include leaders in the sharing economy, such as Uber and Airbnb; the subscription economy, such as HelloFresh and McAfee; and direct-to-consumer parseltongues, such as Stitch Fix and Fabletics. Many other household names across all sectors, including Lenovo, Ticketmaster, TUI, and Revolut, have achieved extraordinary results using Impact’s technology.

This project was a winner at The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries 2021. Find out which of The Drum Awards are currently open for entry.

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