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Ad of the Day: ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ addresses male sexual entitlement in hard-hitting PSA

Police Scotland has unveiled a straight-talking campaign that aims to reduce sexual violence toward women by encouraging men to have honest discussions about male sexual entitlement.

‘Don’t Be That Guy’ was released on social media yesterday and asks all men to take a good look in the mirror and address their attitudes and behavior toward women at home, work and while socializing.

The premise of the PSA is that sexual violence starts long before you think it does, with misogyny and sexism being a gateway. Views of the video have reached over 430k and feature young men asking questions such as ‘You ever give a girl a compliment ... and wondered why you didn’t get a thank you?’ and ‘Ever slid into a girl’s DMs and went ahead and just showed her it?’.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shared the viral video on Twitter, adding: “This new campaign from Police Scotland is powerful and important. I’d ask all men to watch this film – and then encourage your sons, fathers, brothers and friends to do likewise.”

‘Don’t Be That Guy’ aims to reduce rape, sexual assault and harassment by having direct conversations with men about sexual entitlement, and in turn make women feel safer and feel free to live their lives without fear. With the hashtag #DontBeThatGuy Police Scotland is encouraging men to join in the conversation on Twitter.

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