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October 12, 2021 | 3 min read

Transmission won the ‘B2B’ category at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising Asia Pacific in 2021, with its campaign for HP Australia. Get behind the scenes of this virtual event series that turned the difficulties of the pandemic into a lasting opportunity for the brand.

With Covid-19 health restrictions putting an end to all face-to-face events, HP needed a new way to enable their sales team to foster meaningful relationships with potential customers.

The HP Speaker Series authentically positions HP as providers of genuine thought-leadership with real business impact while simultaneously driving awareness and consideration for HP solutions and services. We engage local heroes, thought leaders, and experts to discuss topical issues for each HP Speaker Series episode.

Our end-to-end campaign strategy builds on audience research and includes creative direction, influencer strategy and media strategy, pivoting on what our audience wants to hear. Interactive and collaborative Q&A sessions exchange ideas with thought leaders and other attendees, all while enabling the sales team with shareable, short, and insightful content.

The HP Speaker Series is like a visit to your favourite coffee shop.

  1. Some elements are the same each time – like the format, single login, and digital location.
  2. Other elements are made fresh – from a menu of three relevant sub-topics.
  3. Interaction is the crucial element via a long thought-leader Q&A session.
  4. Each event is positive, memorable, and just a little addictive – so attendees return.

So, did it work?

In thirteen events, we have reached thousands of potential clients who sit in our target audience. Our online interactions are up 850% above the benchmark. Open rates are up 138% above the standard, and attendance is building with each event. Now the HP Speaker Series is being run across South-East Asia.

Where are we now?

Introducing the HP Speaker Series Portal – think Netflix, for HP. Over the last year, we have constantly evolved so our audience can receive the highest quality experience possible. Every episode, all in one place. A new and improved user experience with a library of content at their fingertips.

We wanted to sell. We decided to help.

“Since starting the HP Speaker Series, we have seen a massive uplift in engagement, registration rates and our internal sales team have their customers asking, 'when is the next event. It's a must-attend event in the calendar and, we keep evolving with Transmission on the approach to create snackable, personalised and educational content online for our customers.” - Joel Acenas, HP PS Marketing Manager ANZ.

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