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Digital Summit 2021: How to optimize work processes to unlock creative brilliance

How to optimize work processes to unlock creative brilliance

Internal and external meetings, ‘urgent’ requests from clients and colleagues, reworking assets and lengthy review and approval processes – it’s no wonder creative teams often find themselves burning the midnight oil just to be able to hit deadlines. And while some might say all of this is just part and parcel of the job, how often do creatives have time to dedicate to focus on their core job: being creative?

Research shows that workers dedicate just 40% of their day to the job they were hired to do. And the other 60%? That time is spent on arduous administrative tasks, such as the meetings, requests and review processes mentioned above, all of which takes valuable time away from producing the impactful, creative work that individuals were hired to do in the first place. So, how you find the right balance and win back the freedom and flexibility to do what you do best?

The Drum, in partnership with Adobe Workfront, will bring together a panel of creatives at the upcoming Digital Summit on October 14 to discuss all of this and more in a session entitled ‘How to optimize work processes to unlock creative brilliance’.

From streamlining workflows to increasing productivity and adaptability, efficiency, accountability and results, the panel will explore how creative teams can better manage requests and resources to get more done, leaving more time to focus on creative thinking and design. At the same time, creative operations managers will gain better insights and actionable tips to retain top talent and prevent team burnout.

After 18 months of being thrust into the world of remote working, one of the big questions looming across the ad industry was whether creativity was at risk of being stifled. With increased demand for digital content at scale, the need for speed and agility to produce content that is relevant to the moment and personalized to the consumer means that tighter collaboration is required throughout the creation process to get things done.

Creating a functional balance between process, time, and creative headspace to think up the the next brilliant creative idea will play a key role to success moving forward.

By adopting better, agile workflow processes, creative teams can conceive and iterate ideas faster by eliminating any disjointed technology processes that take much needed time away from creative process, idea generation and development.

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