Media Future of TV Weather

Advertisers can now send weather contextual ads in ITV Hub


By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

October 6, 2021 | 3 min read

ITV’s self-service programmatic platform Planet V has added a new layer of actionable data for buyers, allowing them to send specific creative to TVs based on weather patterns.


Advertisers can now use weather data to influence their decisions

It is claiming to be the first UK broadcaster to do so – a win for its burgeoning addressable software.

It’s a feature we’ve seen in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) space to help sell everything from hearty soup, rain jackets and beachside holidays in the winter to hayfever meds in the summer.

With the addition of weather targeting, there’s essentially another data criteria that can be used to send contextual creative, or pause/adjust a campaign. It can be tailored to 22 broadcast regions’ ITV monitors. Advertisers can work specifically with data from temperature to rainfall to pollen.

High-street brands, using newly-available addressable TV and geographic data, may not be so keen to prompt shopper footfall during heavy rain, for example. And with Christmas ahead, will any advertisers be thinking hard about contextual ads during snow days?

Global weather metadata provider is providing ITV with the data, including numerical data and map layers with minute-by-minute weather, including historical, real-time and forecasts.

ITV is the first broadcaster in the UK to launch the feature, citing demand from advertisers in the fashion, retail and DTC sectors, as well as further research from the British Retail Consortium and the Met Office.

The broadcaster added that weather targeting is “already attracting interest from a number of advertisers, notably online food delivery companies, grocery advertisers and energy companies”.

As Planet V musters momentum a year after launch, with more than 800 individual users across agencies, it sees the software as a way to “futureproof” its business as more emphasis shifts from linear viewing to on-demand.

Alex Maison, head of advertising development at ITV, argued that these new triggers will improve advertising effectiveness, and hinted at a lot more features coming down the pipeline in the upcoming months.

Dan Slagen, chief marketing officer at, said: “More than ever, advertisers need to be able to adjust in real-time based on what’s happening in their target geos and across their target markets. Applying cutting-edge hyperlocal weather intelligence at scale is enabling advertisers to reach target demographics in advance and in real-time.”

He hinted that weather and climate are increasingly newsworthy, and brands will have more signals to activate to tread carefully through these issues.

Media Future of TV Weather

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