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Own your data future: the renaissance of digital advertising

The renaissance of digital advertising

The threat of data depreciation has become very real and recent developments show clear signals that the digital advertising industry, perhaps unknowingly, has been living in the digital dark ages.

Privacy regulations, the imminent death of third-party cookies, implementation of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT), and soon, the loss of IP addresses and other device-based identifiers have shaken the foundation upon which marketers and publishers build their first-party data. And these changes will have a long-lasting impact on all members of the ecosystem.

The path forward is not incremental, it's visionary. It's a renaissance.

Now is the opportunity to restore trust with consumers through strong first-party data relationships and lean into transparency and control, not only for the consumer but for publishers and marketers too. Data has long driven the digital world, so this is nothing new – but the real value comes from treating data with the utmost care and respect, in an ethical and privacy-conscious manner.

To own your data future, building relationships with your audience, whether they are shoppers or viewers, will be the fuel that propels an organization’s ability to reach the right individuals, deliver better customer experiences, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

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  • What's changed and why the need to double-down on first-party data
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  • Why authenticated people-based identity is the gold standard.

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