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Ad of the Day: Burger King France campaigns to end the online bullying of 11-year-olds

Fast food chain Burger King has joined calls to end the online #Anti2010 movement, which has lauded the cyberbullying of French children born in 2010.

Over the past few weeks French children have been subject to a torrent of abuse, leading to intervention from France’s minister of national education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, who said the movement was “completely stupid and against our values”.

Partnering with French child abuse charity Les Papillons, Burger King has launched the #ThanksThe2010 campaign.

The campaign, designed by French agency Buzzman, asks players of online games to pledge their support to fellow gamers born in 2010 by tagging, writing and building on any online game and then sharing their creations online.

Burger King will hand out a Big Whopper voucher for every clip or image shared on Twitter using the #ThanksThe2010 handle.

The #Anti2010 movement was born online and has since amassed 40 million members, mainly on TikTok. Buzzman’s ambition was to reclaim the online space to celebrate the 2010 generation.

“If this #Anti2010 movement could be birthed in the universe of online video gaming, then that’s where it must end too, by turning these games into a place where the 2010s are celebrated en masse, allowing those affected to regain their pride,” Buzzman said.

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