By Hannah Bowler, Senior reporter

September 24, 2021 | 2 min read

Hyundai’s latest campaign for the hydrogen-powered Nexo uses plant seed-filled bubbles to illustrate the car’s clean water emissions.

Created by Hyundai’s global digital lead, Berlin-based agency Jung von Matt Spree, the one-minute advert features the Hyundai Nexo driving around Berlin emitting bubbles filled with wildflower seeds around passers-by.

Jung von Matt, which is also responsible for Hyundai’s global website and social media channels, has also handled the social advertising budget as well as influencer and PR activities for the campaign.

Titled ‘Life is in the Air’, Jung von Matt’s creative director Sarah Buggle said it might “sound like a cheesy pop song” but by emitting the bubbles filled with seeds it literally “breathes life into the air”.

Fellow Berlin-based creative design studio Neulant van Exel were contracted to build a device that made bubbles using water and oxygen coming straight from the tailpipe of the car, and then fill them with plant seeds.

The campaign has been released on Hyundai’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels.

Sitting alongside the advert are tips on how to do ‘bubble-gardening’, which utilizes bubbles to spread plant seeds.

Hyundai have coined this ‘guerrilla gardening’, which Buggle said “playfully gets to the heart of what the Nexo stands for: joy, technology and sustainability”.

A five-minute behind-the-scenes video has also been produced by Neulant van Exel, along with a clip from an engineer on how they created the bubble car.

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