Honda revs up an engine orchestra for ‘The Motor Song’

Honda is reaching out to petrol heads through the roar of its engines by transforming a motorcycle gang into an orchestra for its latest ad campaign.

‘The Motor Song’ by Publicis Brazil saw riders rev in harmony, led by a conductor. It comes from Publicis Brazil, Hefty and film company Fuelture.

The bikers gathered on top of a building in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a two-wheeled campaign, built on the concept that ‘for those of us who ride, the sound of a motorcycle is music’.

Odair Dedicação Junior, marketing manager at Honda, explained: “The sound of a motorcycle engine has a lot of meaning for the bike lovers, and to honor our audience, we explored this idea of ​​orchestrating a song with the sounds of our motorcycles. It’s a sensory and emotional experience.”

Domenico Massareto, chief creative officer of Publicis, added: “The passion for Honda is made up of varied components, including the sound. The fans of the brand love the noise of a beautiful engine. What we did was make this engine ‘sing’.”

Edu Luke, musical creator and founder of Hefty, continued: “To get to the song, we had to analyze the musical notes generated from the rotation of each engine. Thus, we mapped the timbres of the different cylinder displacement of Honda’s line-up, understanding the exact point of acceleration so that we could compose the arrangement and conduct the motorcycles’ symphony.”

‘The Motor Song’ will be played across Honda’s digital channels as well as influencers connected with the motoring brand, which has previously courted younger riders through digital campaigns for vehicles such as the Gold Wing.