By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

September 10, 2021 | 3 min read

Bitch stole my look? King of the internet Lil Nas X and legendary singer Elton John have teamed up in a glamourous new campaign for Uber Eats created by Special Group and directed by Guy Shelmerdine.

‘Tonight I’ll be Eating’ features the celebrity duo promoting the grocery, alcohol and convenience offerings available from the delivery service. In typical flamboyant style, the superstar singers switch iconic looks, ride playground horses and fight about whether fries pair well with mayonnaise.

The overall campaign aesthetic is camp and fabulous, with the Rocket Man crooner donning Lil Nas X’s pink Versace cowboy suit from last year’s Grammys and, in turn, the rapper sports one of John’s fabulous feather get-ups.

In a particularly humorous moment, Lil Nas X is confused by the difference in their culinary preferences, and John’s British dialect, and at one point sings “that’s weird, so weird” about his choice of condiment to accompany his fries.

Uber Eats has had to evolve and pivot its marketing tactics to meet the needs of its customers and staff over the past year. This latest campaign features the support of out-of-home (OOH) executions, social and digital creative.

The ad leaves you with a sense that both singers have undisputed respect for each other, and John is set to feature on the rapper’s highly-anticipated Montero album dropping next week.

Lil Nas X is no stranger to collaborations or using social media to his advantage, recently teaming up with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk after they both dipped into the ‘blood marketing’ trend – and garnered very different reactions.

Lil Nas X’s best advertising stunts yet.

UberEats: Tonight I’ll be Eating by Special Group

By UberEats

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