The7stars launches 13minutes consultancy to close martech and media investment divide

A yawning chasm between martech and media investment could be closed by an ambitious business acceleration consultancy coming out of media agency the7stars that promises to uprate the marketing capabilities of its clients.

13minutes is the newly-minted consultancy in question, headed up by new hire Leena Vara-Patel, founder of data engineering and adtech solutions company Adstem. The new division will head out of the starting gate with a wealth of experience at its disposal, with Vara-Patel also having held positions at UM, Agenda21, 24/7 Real Media, Carat and AOL in a 20-year career.

Managing director Vara-Patel said: “13minutes is such an incredible opportunity to not only take ambitious brands on a data and tech journey, but also to do more of what I love for a company whose tech neutrality can benefit brands in being at the most advanced part of the market.”

Helen Rose, managing partner at the7stars, added: “Following a year of expanded digital behavior and rapid technological advancement, there is a real urgency to unify and make good on the promise of joined-up communications that frees great ideas and connects consumers.”

13minutes can also count on the expertise of the7stars’s commerce director Ben Walton and Emily Braund, who also arrives from Adstem, and Pete Robins who previously co-founded Agenda21 before working with the7stars in a consultancy capacity.

The7stars is fresh from establishing Supernova, another new consultancy that serves as its creative production arm and seeks to assist clients in streamlining their creative and media strategies, as well as drive campaign effectiveness.

The Drum recently spoke to Liam Mullins, managing partner at the7stars, to find out more about what makes the UK’s largest independent media agency tick.