Ad of the Day: Serena Williams saves the day as Wonder Woman in dramatic DirecTV spot

Serena Williams has switched from tennis hero to superhero after starring in a Wonder Woman 1984-themed ad for DirecTV.

Having a ball with her latest role, Williams is shown time travelling back to the decade that taste forgot, wielding a blinged-up tennis racket instead of a magical lasso as she serves justice to out-of-control tennis bots. Former player John McEnroe has a less glamorous role, however, after his tennis whites are soiled by a wayward shot from an exploding tennis ball machine, splattering him with ketchup.

Get Your TV Together is DirecTV’s unique take on a golden collision of sport and movies, reflecting the dual nature of a satellite television service that specializes in both on-demand movies and live sport.

Devised by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, the ostentatious mash-up is a prelude to further genre collisions in future, with Williams contracted to appear as other film favorites in her role as a standard-bearer for the service.

Speaking to Muse by Clio, agency associate creative director Ryan Buckley said: “Wonder Woman 1984 is a great vehicle that calls to mind everything we love about a big-budget, popcorn-munching, tentpole film people expect to see offered more and more by their TV provider. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve wondered once or twice if Serena isn’t a real-life superhero herself.”

This approach has proven a hit with bemused audiences, racking up close to half a million views on YouTube alone, with accompanying digital, radio and OOH elements rounding off the collision of worlds.

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