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Week in numbers: 30% of execs choose flexibility over pay, digital subscriptions up 48%

30% of executives say flexibility is a bigger priority than pay

Pitch deck running low on hard numbers? Presentation slides looking a little bare? Allow us to help. Each week, we gather the insightful new research you may have missed to inform your work or inspire a new idea.

This Friday, we look at new statistics on trust in influencers, priorities for exec job seekers and top TikTok content.

73% of consumers say influencers are vain; 64% say they’re untrustworthy

Sitecore has released new data on consumer attitudes toward influencers in the wake of the Love Island finale. According to a study conducted by Advanis among 1,000 consumers and 400 digital marketers, 73% of 18–44-year-olds say they now find influencers ‘vain‘, and just 26% say they can relate to typical influencer content.

While 24% say creator content is a source of inspiration, 64% say they can‘t trust influencer promotions.

30% of executives value flexible working over pay

In a survey by headhunters Hanson Search and MovePlan of 1,100 business executives in the UK, 30% of its sample reported that they had looked for, or taken a new role, based on the flexibility of a company‘s working set-up, listing flexibility as a bigger factor than salaries.

The survey found that 73% thought their productivity and quality of work had increased while working from home. 29% had questioned their current career path during the pandemic; 15% wanted the option to work overseas, while 21% were actively considering going freelance.

Digital publishers see 48% subscriptions boost

New data from Deloitte and the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) examining digital publishing revenues has shown that the sector saw impressive growth in the first quarter of 2021. The quarterly report found that display advertising continues to be the largest single revenue generator for digital publishers, generating £53.6m of income after rising a healthy 4.7% versus the first quarter of 2020.

Subscription revenues have also been boosted by 48.8% over the review period, with double-digit growth extending to both B2B and B2C publishers.

70% of event managers want to continue virtual after the pandemic

A cross-industry survey of 50 event managers by Eventcube sheds some light on the scale of virtual event adoption over the last year. While 81% had never staged a virtual event before, 70% say they‘ll continue to host remote or virtual events in some form going forward.

Furthermore, while a bigger and more diverse audience is recognized as a key advantage (30%), 35% of the sample said ease of access for audiences was a major pull. Unsurprisingly, 75% said their events budget had been cut since the pandemic; 17.5% said virtual events were less expensive than physical ones, and 30% reported benefits from savings on venues.

Six top ASMR searches on TikTok revealed

According to contact lens retailer Lenstore – presumably interested in the ocular health of smartphone users – TikTok ASMR videos are good for users‘ mental health.

A study released by the brand claims the top search terms for content deemed ‘satisfying‘ were ‘coloring‘, ‘ASMR‘, ‘cleaning‘, ‘slime‘, ‘crunching‘ and ‘sand‘. The claim about mental health benefits comes from Craig Richards of Shenandoah University, who links serotonin release and stress relief to ASMR-type videos.

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