IAB UK develops unified ad framework for gaming and esports

A pan-European and US drive to bring order to the exploding gaming ad market has concluded with a gaming and esports Advertising Framework.

The standardized set of terms should help those buying or selling gaming ad inventory. As the gaming ad industry becomes increasingly mainstream, common terminology helps benchmark performance and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Antonio Dale Forte, IAB UK’s gaming group lead, said: “To enable sustainable growth in an emerging format, the foundations need to be solid. By creating a linguistic framework for the gaming and esports advertising market, we have taken the first step to ensure these burgeoning formats can be clearly and effectively communicated, bought and sold.”

Split between ‘user’ and ‘viewer’ categories, the framework is structured as a easily-referenced cheat sheet to make sense of the more head-scratching terms employed by gamers, without the need to digest the entire volume and its myriad options, categories and capabilities.

Designed for international use, IAB UK has promised to update the framework regularly as new terms enter the gaming lexicon.

Big brands such as BMW are increasingly interested in the esports domain as a fast-track to courting younger audiences.