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Tumblr turns to podcasts to tout top trends

The platform is introducing a new ‘Big Week on Tumblr’ podcast

Tumblr, the struggling microblogging-focused social network, is striving to maintain relevancy by introducing a new ‘Big Week on Tumblr’ podcast to condense all the major trends and events of the past week in one bite-sized audio installment.

A wide content net will be shoehorned into the weekly bulletin, curated by Tumblr’s in-house editorial team, with topics ranging from new releases to ‘fandom explosions’ and site features.

Designed to strip out the noise and deliver only ‘need-to-know’ updates, the episodic podcast will regale listeners every Friday with all the pop culture knowledge you can stomach, from K-pop to Marvel.

Announcing the new format, Tumblr’s head of editorial Cates Holderness said: “Each week brings new trending topics to the front of Tumblr’s explore page, but where did they come from?

“We’ll catch up with all the trends and memes bubbling up from the depths of the dashboard. Hear funny posts read by our resident robots and check in with charts and statistics.”

Tumblr has struggled to maintain relevancy in recent years after being subject to a fire sale by Yahoo, which saw it snapped up by Automattic, owners of Wordpress.com and (not coincidentally) podcast app Pocket Casts.

Tumblr attained notoriety as a safe haven for porn facilitated by a hands-off approach to moderation, which permitted sex workers to operate on the platform with impunity, before mandating an outright ban on all porn in 2017, coinciding with the departure of founder David Karp. It’s something we’ve seen play out again with the latest OnlyFans news.

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