Ikea beefs up appeal with meatball-scented candle

Ikea is taking its popular meatball dish to the next level by incorporating the Swedish aroma into a new line of scented candles for an appetizing sensory experience.

The limited-edition ‘Huvudroll’ forms part of the flat-pack furniture retailer’s ‘Store in a Box’ promotion, which seeks to encapsulate the experience of a visit to the yellow-and-blue store within a compact box of your own.

Ikea is marking its 10th anniversary with an olfactory experience like no other, a meatball-scented candle that will leave everyone in your household hungry for more.

Part of the retailer’s family program, which provides custom rewards, offers and events to members, the sensory surprise forms part of a program of promotions running from August 6-22.

The Store in a Box also includes more conventional wares including discounted rugs, cushions and plant pots, with members able to enter a sweepstake for a chance to win the goodies for free.

An Ikea spokesperson said: “The Store in a Box is a surprise-and-delight item that takes the best, more recognizable pieces of an Ikea store for lucky winners to bring it home.”