Pernod Ricard turns responsible drinking on its head with ‘Drink More’

Pernod Ricard has upended traditional ‘drink responsibly’ messaging by encouraging party-goers to consume more water when letting their hair down.

‘Be Responsible, Drink More’ promotes a level-headed return to the party scene following many months of enforced social isolation amid fears that some could get carried away by newly-restored freedoms.

Depicting the inevitable outcome of a hairy night out on the tiles, the Pernod Ricard campaign shows footage of worse-for wear-drinkers passed out on the ground, slumped in ditches and battling gamely against a down escalator in a vain attempt to make it home.

These antics are superimposed with a ‘Drink More’ message, revealing all in a punchline that reveals it is referring to water – not another round of tequila.

Citing the rejuvenation properties of a humble glass of fresh water, the campaign reminds revelers that if you want to feel good tomorrow, not just tonight, then staying hydrated is the best tonic for an addled brain.

The international digital and print campaign is spearheaded by Buzzman, appearing across the UK, Germany, Belgium and Latin America initially before expanding to other territories.

In a press statement, Buzzman wrote: “We’ve all seen that one guy blacked out in a corner at a party with drawings all over his face, the guy who ends up in fights with road signs on the street, or the guy who falls asleep at the bar... Don’t want to be that guy? Drink more... water.”

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