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Creative agency Dark Horses creates an open-source menopause policy

900,000 women a year in the UK leave jobs because of menopausal symptoms

Sports, fitness and wellness creative agency Dark Horses is launching an open-source menopause policy, specifically designed to help everyone (not just the women going through it) understand what the menopause is.

The policy also aims to give businesses the tools to improve the working lives of those affected and break the taboos surrounding the subject.

At any one moment in time, there are up to 15.5 million women experiencing varying stages of menopausal transition for anything between two and 12 years.

For up to two-thirds of people, the symptoms – ranging from anxiety, depression and lack of confidence to uncomfortable, upsetting or overwhelming physical manifestations – will negatively affect their working life.

Dark Horses’s policy aims to redress the fact that 900,000 women a year in the UK leave jobs because of menopausal symptoms. It not only describes the science behind the menopause, but lists all of the symptoms as well as offering advice for those going through it to better manage their working lives, as well as offering ideas on treatments and support. The policy also includes a section giving advice for managers and colleagues on how to make the working environment better.

The news comes as conversations around the wellbeing of menopausal people in the workplace are becoming more frequent. Recently former Boots chief marketer Helen Normoyle left the ad world behind to launch a startup that aims to demystify the menopause.

If you want to find out more about how your firm can implement its own menopause policy, click here.

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