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Netflix prank summons stalking demon on a huge digital screen

This Publicis Italy stunt for Netflix, promoting its dark library of horror flicks, aims to provoke jump scares in broad daylight.

Netflix is promoting its wealth of horror content by bringing a stalking demon to life which silently pursues passersby on the street.

Working in cahoots with Publicis Italy an outsize interactive billboard has been requisitioned for the stunt, bringing people’s worst fears to life with an inevitable jump scare just when you think you’re safe.

’A Classic Horror Story’ was conceived by Publicis Italy to play on the public’s fear of strangers, encouraging victims to be grateful that demonic horrors are restricted to works of fiction.

Timed to coincide with the release of an Italian film of the same name the outdoor attraction is serving to build anticipation for the gruesome story of suspense in which a group of strangers become lost in the woods, only to encounter their worst nightmare.

In a statement, Netflix asked: ”The good thing about watching a horror movie is knowing it is just a film, but what happens if fear becomes reality?”

Seeking to remain relevant amid cut-throat competition Netflix has sought to diversify its offer in recent months by embracing video games as a way to press the buttons of consumers through greater interaction.

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