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By Imogen Watson | Senior reporter

July 23, 2021 | 2 min read

To help people develop a more positive relationship with themselves, The Body Shop has staged an ‘ad intervention‘ that asks customers to meet it on ‘Self Love Street‘.

The campaign shows three housemates and their alternative ways to love themselves, focusing on three key issues: rejection in love, the need for external validation and body image.

While Fran, Olivia and Leila all struggle with these challenges, the ad shows them each defiantly acting against self-doubt, transitioning to powerful expressions of self-love.

Dismayed while trying to take an ‘authentic‘ selfie, Leila picks up a paintbrush and paints a beautiful portrait. Olivia, meanwhile, picks up her guitar to play to herself rather than haters on social media, and, after receiving no matches on her dating up, Fran lights a candle before indulging in a physical act of self-love (masturbation).

“Our ‘Self Love Uprising‘ has been working hard to help people find an authentic relationship with themselves and understanding that this is their strength and a superpower,” explains Rhiannon Scarlett, UK marketing director of The Body Shop.

“Unrealistic and unhealthy aspirations that take you out of your true self can be detrimental to your wellbeing and self-esteem. Reality TV shows and social media can trigger destructive and negative feelings affecting our mood, wellbeing and our self-esteem at a time when we need healthy boundaries more than ever. So, this summer, we’re encouraging viewers to rise up with self-love and to step into our ‘Self Love Street‘.”

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The Body Shop: Self Love Street by Wax/On

By The Body Shop

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