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Branded Cities to livestream Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin space flight on billboards

Some of the biggest screens in North America are being dedicated to the space journey

Having propelled Amazon to new heights here on Earth, Jeff Bezos is ready to go one step further by firing himself into space on board the first passenger launch of his Blue Origin rocket. Out-of-home company Branded Cities will be livestreaming his space tourism on billboards in the US.

The billionaire will blast off from Texas at 9am ET on July 20, with the mission broadcast live to giant outdoor screens in Times Square, Las Vegas and Toronto courtesy of the OOH provider.

The handpicked crew includes Bezos’s brother Mark, octogenarian aviator Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen, son of Somerset Capital Partners chief exec John Daemen – who stumped up $28m for the privilege.

Some of the biggest screens in North America are being dedicated to the event, including New York’s Thomson Reuters digital billboard, Las Vegas’s Harmon Corner digital billboard and Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas at Eaton Centre.

Steve Ellman, chairman and chief executive officer of Branded Cities, said: “Our assets are strategically located in the most iconic, highly-trafficked places, which makes viewing historic events such as the Blue Origin launch directly on our full-motion digital platforms all the more impactful.

“We have always prided ourselves on leveraging our mediums to provide audiences with these sorts of unique experiences, which not only serve to bring people together, but also celebrate humankind’s greatest achievements.”

High-flying Bezos announced his intention to stand down as Amazon chief executive in February, to be replaced by web services boss Andy Jassy during the third quarter.

It was speculated that the departure would free up more time for Bezos to focus on his true passion of space flight – just days after British billionaire Sir Richard Branson pulled off a similar stunt.

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