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Relive The Drum Chip Shop Awards and see all the winning work

The Chip Shop Awards, held last week at The Labs

The Drum Chip Shop Awards, which celebrates bold creativity, took a hybrid approach last week when it hosted people in-person and online at newly launched event space The Labs.

For those who didn’t manage along to the show virtually or in person, fear not – the edited digital version is now live and available for those wanting to catch up.

The Chip Shop Awards recognize fresh talent and fresh thinking, and the judges agree that this was a vintage year with more than 1,140 attendees joining online – over 400 guests connecting through the site and 740 through LinkedIn.

All nominees were then invited to a Zoom conference call ahead of the winner being announced, which saw a further 57 join.

Then, a total of 30 people were invited to attend in-person to trial The Drum’s return to hosting live events. This was capped at 30 people to meet the UK government’s guidance and ensure social distancing measures could be guaranteed.

The show included work initially done on a speculative basis that may now be adopted by global brands such as Guinness and Coca-Cola, highlighting the role this event plays in promoting up-and-coming talent.

A video of the Chip Shop Awards’ popular postcard category, Postcards from the edge

Reflecting on the success of this year’s show, The Drum’s co-founder and award host Gordon Young says: ”The aim of this project was to give emphasis to the winning work itself. We wanted the room to explain the ideas fully so the audience can gain insights and inspiration.

”Of course, as well as making the work famous, we wanted to make the people behind it famous too, which is why the film closes with a credit reel that recognizes many of the individuals behind the winning work.”

Watch the full Chip Shop Awards show here.

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