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Ad of the Day: ‘We Are Undefeatable’ return celebrates the indefatigable human spirit

FCB Inferno is looking to repeat the success of its motivational ‘We Are Undefeatable’ campaign with a fresh installment depicting how ill-health need not serve as a barrier to living an active life.

Devised in conjunction with Sport England and 16 health and social care charities, the inspirational short is targeted at the 43% of people in England who live with a health condition, illustrating how there is a sport or activity available for anyone to enjoy.

Reaching out to those managing long-term health issues the uplifting campaign highlights the varied ways people battling major and minor health conditions can exercise, as well as the role played by friends, families and carers in enriching their lives.

By illustrating the everyday reality of living with health constraints, the campaign relays individual stories of bravery and stoicism from one woman braving a swim following a mastectomy to a man with Parkinson’s showing he still has what it takes to control a ball.

Promoting exercise as the route to physical and mental wellbeing, the fully integrated campaign includes out-of-home posters to a 10-week exercise program organized by two Paralympians.

Sharon Jiggins, chief marketing officer at FCB Inferno, said: ”Hearing our cast talk in their own words about the highs and lows of managing their conditions was incredibly powerful. Their honesty and, in some cases, humor demonstrated their resilience and character. Our new campaign is a celebration of this.”

First launched in 2019, ’We Are Undefeatable’ earned plaudits for showing that staying active doesn’t necessarily entail a trip to the gym.

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