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Liberate marketers! Why now is the time to start taking creative risks again

Liberate marketers! Why now is the time to start taking creative risks again

It’s 2021 and we’ve got the digital world at our fingertips. And, digital marketing has become increasingly competitive as we tussle for visibility on social media and to stand out from competitors. It feels like now is the right time to take a risk and embark on a brave new strategy, using different content mediums and creative ideas. But what happens when this isn’t supported or encouraged by C-level management? And where does the role of creativity fit into all this? To discover the answers, digital asset management software company Bright commissioned some research, asking marketers to share their approach to marketing strategy this year and whether there are invisible chains holding them back.

Discover why marketers feel they are being held back creatively

75% of senior marketers say they feel restricted in their creative endeavours by boardroom executives. Why is this? And what can we, as an industry, do to address it? With significantly more women than men feeling their creativity is being restricted, this is also a gender issue that needs to be rectified.

Gain insight into how marketers are approaching online events this year

2020 was of course the year of the virtual event. But once in-person events are back up and running, what will the appetite be for marketers to head back to the exhibition halls? We’ve got the info on whether marketers will be investing in virtual events this year, and how successful virtual events have been as a lead gen tool for brands.

Find out which channels marketing teams are planning to prioritize in 2021

From social media to SEO, there's plenty of scope for investment, but will you be surprised by which area came out top? The survey also reveals the content consumption habits of marketers, reaffirming anecdotal evidence that long-form written content has thrived as a result of the pandemic.

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