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Find out how Lego, Diageo, Adobe and IBM find growth through creativity

Download the report to find out how creativity can drive business results

Creativity is a tool for problem-solving and will help power brands to grow, according to creative leaders from Lego, Diageo, IBM, Lowe Lintas and Adobe. The Drum and Adobe have launched the ‘Creativity Finds a Way’ report to understand exactly how creativity is invigorating brands into growth.

The report, which can be downloaded in full here, pulls together insights from creative leaders in APAC about how brands can make changes that will allow them to thrive during tougher times.

According to the report, there are unique tactics born out of creativity that allows an opportunity to come from adversity. One such tactic is around brands letting go of control in a way that businesses may not be used to, which means consumers are more involved in how a brand’s story is communicated.

Grace Astari, creative lead for innovation at Diageo, says, “Collaboration is the word du jour. It is an era for partnership between agencies, communities, cultural players and brands. We were able to share the tools and our stances, so to speak, by letting people work with our icon. A big lesson was letting people reinterpret our brand’s role in their lives, not taking control, and allowing people to define that role.”

Another lesson was around the fact that new tools for brands to be creative had emerged, allowing greater ability to tell visual stories than ever before.

Michael Stoddart, director of strategic business development Asia Pacific, Adobe, says, “It’s all about images, whether they’re moving, or whether they’re synthetic, that high volume, high content to get that empathetic response. [There’s been] an explosion in that space – and it’s a creative explosion as well.”

He adds that AI and automation is now playing a part in streamlining and speeding up creativity for brands.

To hear more about the tactics, trends and tools that are allowing brands to be more productive and collaborative than ever, download the full report here.

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