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Ad of the Day: DDB Sydney and Volkswagen turn driving nightmares into horror movie posters


By Sam Bradley | Senior Reporter

June 29, 2021 | 3 min read

While gearheads may dream of a relaxed cruise on the open road, the reality for most drivers is more stressful.

ddb australia highway merge

DDB Australia has conjured up scary movie posters to evoke typical driving headaches

According to DDB Sydney, 79% of Australians experience some kind of anxiety around driving. And 59% of drivers fear parallel parking, worrying that they will hold up traffic or ding another vehicle in the process.

That insight has led to the agency’s latest campaign for Volkswagen, which reimagines carriageway conundrums such as merging on to the highway, navigating vast roundabouts or emergency braking for pedestrians as slasher film posters.

parrael park ddb sydney

The campaign sells drivers on the Volkswagen Tiguan’s driver assistance features, which promise to turn tarmac nightmares into driving doddles.

Volkswagen Australia marketing communications manager Rowena Kanna said: “The research highlighted what we knew to be true, albeit anecdotally, which is that these little road stresses can quickly creep up to become genuine anxieties and fears.


“The new Volkswagen Tiguan helps conquer these fears thanks to IQ DRIVE, an intelligent driver assistance system with features such as Front Assist, Pedestrian Monitoring and Lane Assist. We’re confident this exciting and unique campaign will cut through in a cluttered SUV market.”

DDB Sydney creative directors Tim Woolford and Tommy Cehak said: “We’re not scared of driving. Although parallel parking makes us anxious. Actually, merging is nerve-racking... and we suppose people are pretty distracted by their phones these days, so that’s a worry...”

The posters, illustrated by Matt Ryan Tobin, are accompanied by a TVC directed by Revolver’s Bruce Hunt, filmed on location in New South Wales.

Creative Ad of the Day Volkswagen (VW)

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