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Ad of the Day: Ikea bottles Ronaldo’s anti-Coca-Cola stance

Ikea’s water bottle advert has made a splash after footballer Ronaldo’s Coca-Cola controversy

Ikea has reinforced its reputation for being on the ball when it comes to reactive marketing by promoting a new line of reusable water bottle christened ‘Cristiano’.

Clearly labeled as being ‘for water only’, the unassuming product line is a clear reference to the Portuguese footballer’s famed aversion to Coca-Cola.

Ikea’s intervention follows an embarrassing incident in which the soft drink brand was left looking redder than usual after two bottles of Coca-Cola were theatrically evicted from a Euro 2020 press conference by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The well-documented bout of athlete activism saw the irate footballer unceremoniously eject the offending fizzy juice with a cry of ‘agua’, summing up his preference for water over high-sugar drinks in one word.

Never one to miss out on an opportunity to capitalize on a viral situation, Ikea’s reactive marketing team has been swift to prove that they have Ronaldo’s back, promoting their glassware on Instagram with the message ‘Drink water, sustainably’.

Striking a chord with audiences, the refreshing promotion has gone down well, proving once again that the Swedish retailer can turn any viral incident or internet meme to its advantage.

Past hits include a humorous ‘Get the Look’ campaign for anyone wishing to recreate the hunkered-down look of Bernie Sanders by purchasing a matching folding chair and oven gloves similar to those modeled by the one-time presidential hopeful at US president Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Ikea’s breakout reactive marketing success came with a Game of Thrones advert that revealed how some of its rugs were used as props during the hit show’s climactic conclusion when interest was at its peak.

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