Tee time: Adidas and Extra Butter mark Happy Gilmore anniversary in Shooter McGavin ad

Christopher McDonald has reprised his role as Shooter McGavin from 1996 movie Happy Gilmour to promote a new collaboration between lifestyle brand Extra Butter and Adidas.

The collaboration marks the 25th anniversary of the Adam Sandler comedy with a limited collection of memorabilia merging streetwear and golf in honor of the characters.

Happy Gilmore fans will be able to do more than rerun their favorite film for the umpteenth time to mark the anniversary, with three licensed clothing collections available to honor antagonist Shooter, as well as Happy’s mentor Chubbs and of course Happy himself.

Shooter is seen back on the green in a scooter proudly wearing his trademark gold jacket, enhanced by the addition of both Adidas and Extra Butter branding.

Also up for grabs is a tasteful pastel polo neck sweater, pleated pants and shorts for Chubbs fans, each of which features embroidery of the immortal line ‘It’s all in the hips’ for posterity. Happy Gilmour himself is honored with a selection of streetwear-inspired pieces centered upon a pair of comfy trainers with a green felt footbed, brogue accents and anniversary branding.

If that’s not enough, a series of Extra Butter-branded Phat Scooter accessories are available in an ever-fashionable gold and navy design with leather trim, as well as custom Pro Plus Gold golf balls.

Extra Butter co-founder and chief exec Ankur Amin said: “Golf is growing exponentially among every demographic. Golfers today are more diverse and the game is more inclusive than ever before. Golf is getting younger and breaking away from its ‘dad’s game’ reputation as youth culture starts to embrace the sport. We wanted to be a part of this shift, bring our style to the sport and have fun with this project.”

Matt Myers, senior director of marketing, Adidas Golf, added: “We’re always looking to push boundaries and collaborate in fun and unique ways as a golf category, so when Extra Butter approached us with this Happy Gilmore opportunity, we loved every aspect of it. For us, it’s just another example of how we’re striving to make golf more appealing to the masses through creative products that perform, and we know that all fans of the film – golfers or not – will be excited about this special collection.”

At the core of the Extra Butter x Happy Gilmore messaging is a series of short films starring Christopher McDonald cruising the golf green and trading insults. This is complemented by a custom microsite.