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The Trade Desk launches in India to tap into its digital advertising ecosystem

Indians, on average, are spending as many as eight hours a day online

One more global player has announced its launch in India, buoyed by burgeoning digital consumption and its potential for marketers. The Trade Desk, a leading technology company headquartered in the US, has unveiled its operations in India. Former Truecaller marketer Tejinder Gill has been hired as the company’s India general manager to lead the business and growth strategy.

Even as the India plan is being cobbled together, the programmatic advertising specialist company’s chief exec and founder Jeff Green is also getting ready for the launch of its overhauled platform Solimar next month. According to reports the new platform will be the “biggest release” in The Trade Desk’s history.

Why launch now in India?

  • Even as the world grapples with the effects of the pandemic and marketing reshapes itself, the interplay of digital mediums in consumers’ lives has become more important than ever – which is also making many global brands such as The Trade Desk look at the Indian market keenly.

  • Indians, on average, are spending as many as eight hours a day online, 70% of which is spent on the open internet, which includes online content, over-the-top (OTT) and music streaming as per a study by Global Web Index.

  • The growth in the open internet has been at a faster pace than many other online channels with online content: OTT streaming grew by 28% and 16% respectively, while social media grew by a mere 1%.

What is the game plan?

  • The Trade Desk is essentially an omnichannel platform, and its USP is to enable marketers to reach relevant audiences across different devices (including computers, mobile devices, tablets and connected TV), and engage with them meaningfully along their entire digital journey. As digital becomes the fastest-growing advertising segment in India with increasing campaign budgets, it is also leading to marketers seeking more trust and transparency – and that is the gap that the company hopes to plug with its India launch.

  • The Trade Desk plans to make the industry more trusted and transparent by letting ad buyers create, manage and optimize digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices by deploying its self-service, cloud-based platform.

‘Marketers can tap into the immense opportunities’

  • Tejinder Gill, general manager, India, The Trade Desk, said: “The brand is here to bring much-needed data-driven decisions and transparency to India’s digital advertising ecosystem, offering marketers a credible choice where they can tap into the immense opportunities of the open internet.

  • “While Indian consumers are spending 70% of their time on the open internet, almost 80% of India’s digital ad revenue still goes to the big tech platforms, which sit outside the open internet.”