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Webinar: Why sales enablement is a necessity, not a luxury

Watch this special webinar about why sales enablement is a necessity, not a luxury

Being able to demonstrate the ROI of marketing budgets has rarely been under more scrutiny than it is today, when those budgets continue to be squeezed by the ongoing ramifications of the Covid pandemic. So how can brands navigate this new reality and ensure a work environment that gives their employees everything they need to succeed?

One solution is the rise in significance of sales enablement as a tool to help improve that ROI and – crucially – demonstrate it. Highspot’s EMEA marketing manager, Dom Schaefer, and Hootsuite’s global manager for sales enablement, Shamis Thomson, will be discussing this at a special webinar with The Drum. They will explore how sales enablement helped Hootsuite embrace effective content management, modernize onboarding and adopt continuous training. They will also look at how that process achieved remarkable results, with Hootsuite able to close 70% more revenue.

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As part of the webinar, you will discover what sales enablement means and which definition is most useful in demonstrating its efficacy. You will find out how a brand’s sales and marketing teams can benefit from it, and how sales enablement can better facilitate alignment between those teams. You will also hear about the benefits of having integrated training and coaching, particularly in the light of Highspot’s claim that having training built into its bespoke platform is one of its key points of difference.

The panel will consider the most difficult challenges faced in the decision-making process that leads to a decision to adopt a sales enablement process, and whether Highspot can be integrated with other regularly used sales tools.

As it explains the tangible difference Highspot has made, Hootsuite discusses the impact sales enablement has had on its marketing team and how it helped the brand’s salespeople find relevant content for marketing – in particular, the remarkable impact that sales enablement has had on Hootsuite’s ability to close sales.

Register to watch this exciting discussion from Dom Schaefer, marketing manager, EMEA, Highspot, Shamis Thomson, global manager, sales enablement, Hootsuite and moderated by Chris Sutcliffe, editor, The Drum Networ, The Drum here

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