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Ad of the Day: Pandora celebrates female tribes in three short films

From wild swimmers to record spinners and mothers, Pandora is celebrating female tribes in a series of three short films titled ‘Our Sisterhood’, created by Virtue.

The three films have been directed by Irene Baqué, who says she wanted to “give a voice to these women and the issues and topics that are important to continue talking about so that we can make a positive difference in our world”.

The first of the short films presents The Blue Tits – a 15-strong group of women who, despite being different ages and coming from different backgrounds, are bound together by their mutual passion for wild swimming. ‘Soul Swimmers’ shows the group meeting for a rejuvenating cold dip in the sea, as they explain that it’s more than just swimming for them – the sisterhood is about friendship and support.

A Creole Cutsan all-female collective of DJs stars in ‘Sister Sounds’. Joined together by their passion for discovering their Caribbean identity through music, the women talk passionately about creating a safe space of exploration and learning, with the help of each other.

‘For Generations’ visits sisterhood through motherhood, with the knowledge it takes a village to raise a child. The film documents Chaneen, a mother of two daughters, who details how she is able to navigate everything that comes with motherhood because of the sisterhood she finds in the women of her family.

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