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Ad of the Day: Facebook Portal spots encourage people to Share Something Real

Facebook is targeting both ends of the emotional spectrum to promote its Portal video chat technology as a geography-shattering tool for bringing people together in both the good times and bad.

‘Share Something Real’ encourages people to ditch emojis and text speak and rediscover the power of real one-to-one communications, rekindling connections with those closest to you.

Facebook is on a mission to facilitate meaningful conversations in support of its Portal from Facebook video call technology, now rebranded as Facebook Portal, as a tool to bring people together after a challenging year that has left many relationships fraying at the edges.

Stepping in with a new medium to bring people out of their shells, the social network has teamed up with writer and director Darius Marder to direct two new spots – one hard-hitting, the other whimsical.

‘Conceiving’ plays out as a heart-rending one-to-one between two Portal users who discuss the loss of a baby, while ‘Laugh Cry’, in a 90-degree tonal shift, depicts another Portal pairing laughing so hard they bring themselves to tears.

“What Portal really brings to the forefront is the complexity and importance of human connection,” says Marder of the partnership. “I see human beings in all their rawness sharing their experiences and emotions. Happy moments, bittersweet, cathartic, and everything in between. Authenticity cannot be manufactured. This concept relied on our ability to create and nurture environments for life to happen and for genuine connection to occur. That’s where we find authenticity.”

At the heart of Facebook’s approach is a desire to communicate the rawness of human relationships while also reinforcing the increasing interconnectedness of its services and offerings, with users now able to join Messenger Rooms, make Messenger and WhatsApp video calls, and go live with Facebook Live from Portal.

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