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The best work from One Minute Briefs’ Future of Gaming challenge


By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

June 4, 2021 | 4 min read

To coincide with The Drum’s Gaming deep dive, we challenged the One Minute Briefs community to deliver some work exploring the Future of Gaming – all for a grand prize of £100.


We challenged the One Minute Briefs community to deliver some work exploring the Future of Gaming

So buffing up our crystal ball, in partnership with OMB, we prophesized what the future holds. Of the hundreds of entries posted, some opted for unique brand placements, others new applications of the tech. What’s clear is that we’ve only scratched the surface of the sector’s utility to wider society.

So let’s get to the work.


You’ll either get this, or you won’t. I’ll briefly explain. Some locked-down gamers have projected their lust into the screen and, well, it’s probably something Tinder could do to take a slice of. Congratulations to Gabe Aplando and I hope you enjoy your prize. I’d be buying Resident Evil VII if I were you...


In-console delivery

Quick-service restaurants have been battling over visibility in apps, be it their own, Deliveroo or UberEats. And any gamer who knows their stuff knows where these brands actually should be... on the console dashboard. Well done to @asymawizndn.


Gamifying finance

The fintech brands are already halfway here, but why not go the whole hog? Gamifying finance can only be a good thing, right? Unless it tells you off for spending too much on gaming of course. Good work @Eggmade.


Brands financing gaming

Let’s flip that idea – if brands sponsor athletes, why can’t they subsidize the cost of our tech? Enter the Domino’s Pizza Controller. Tom Wilding’s opted for a pizza-ordering QR code, that could just as easily be a huge button you can’t help but press.


Gaming vision

Specsavers has always activated sponsorships in a clever way – I mean, that referee tie-up remains the best in the biz. So how does it talk up the product benefit in gaming? Well, power-ups and visual aids couldn’t hurt. Nice one @emoshanel.


Remember extinction?

A few entries tapped into the idea that the world of gaming and VR will be the only place we will be able to see and preserve animals. It’s a sad thought and a strong execution. Obviously the Pokemon franchise has been trying to put its capturing and cock-fighting streak behind it, but we’ll forgive them – it was the ’90s. Well done Jack Hally.


Allow me to point you towards the One Minute Briefs Facebook page where you can, and should, browse all the entries and keep an eye on future briefs.

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