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Burger King hungry for diners to return to collect lost property as reopening beckons

Burger King Belgium is welcoming back customers

Burger King Belgium is inviting patrons through its doors to reclaim old toys, orphaned books and lost keys as it prepares to reopen on June 9 following a seven-month shutdown.

Foregoing convention, the fast-food provider is resisting the temptation to publish photography of mouth-watering food porn in favor of a more sentimental approach, illustrating that the chain is nothing without its customers, in a timely PR stunt.

The campaign features a variety of snapshots documenting hastily abandoned restaurants and their lost property; including a conspicuous McDonald’s cap left hanging on the back of a chair in one outlet in Ixelles and a forlorn Happy Birthday balloon in Louvain that has somehow retained its helium.

In a statement, Burger King wrote: “It’s time to reunite with your keys, toys, socks and even more! You probably can’t wait to see them again, well Burger King also can’t wait to see you again. So book your June 9 to go to Burger King to reunite with your lost items and, as a bonus, you will have the pleasure of tasting a delicious burger.”

Devised by Buzzman, the sentimental social media advertising campaign will run through to the grand reopening and is the latest in a line of stunts designed to bring customers through its doors, notably an abortive ‘women belong in the kitchen’ tweet to mark International Women’s Day, which was quickly retracted.

During lockdown Buzzman came to the rescue of hungry customers by publishing its own recipes for people to rustle up a Big Fish or Whopper at home.