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Ubisoft gets users dancing to its tune

Ubisoft gets users dancing to its tune

Ubisoft, the developers behind long-running video game franchise Just Dance, wanted to bring the latest edition of the series to its young target audience. So, where better to go than where they live online, on TikTok and Instagram?

With the aim of showcasing the gameplay experience, maximizing engagement on the app itself and drive overall sales of Just Dance 2020, BEN’s AI selected an ideal list of influencers and the team moved to secure a range of huge TikTok names with cross-platform followings – including social star Loren Gray.

She starred in a TV spot and helped create a mix of Just Dance-themed photo and video content that lived on Ubisoft’s owned digital channels.

Making use of TikTok’s native functionality and penchant for dance crazes, BEN worked with each of the creators to produce videos for their Instagram Stories and TikTok Duets which incorporated gameplay footage and dances from the game, inviting fans to respond with their own attempts. Followers recorded themselves matching the stars’ routines move-for-move, meaning users engaged more deeply with the content than they might with an ad spot. The ‘#JustDanceMoves’ campaign drove almost 2 billion views in its first week.

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