Just Eat tops UK list of 30 sonic logos

Just Eat has delivered the goods as the UK’s favorite sonic logo, according to a ranking of 36 of the soundest advertising acoustics currently being played.

Compiled by sonic branding specialists SoundOut, the top 36 index is drawn from the responses of 30,000 consumers and over 10 million data points to arrive at an authoritative list of the recordings most likely to prick the ears of listeners.

The result is a who’s who of audio marketing, with AO.com snapping at Just Eat’s tail in the table with the runner-up spot, closely followed by GoCompare, Moonpig and Pearl & Dean, which round out the top five.

As well as offering bragging rights for the top-placed entrants, the ranking also contains some broader insights into the medium with the observation that sonic logos that include the brand name are twice as effective at cementing brand association as those that forego direct association, with four of the top five including their brand name.

Other snippets of wisdom for brands still seeking a sound that fits is the importance of appeal, with harmonious ditties far more likely to engage than something which irritates – although, more surprisingly, distinctiveness alone makes a scant difference in driving recall.

David Courtier-Dutton, founder and chief executive of SoundOut, explained: “While more and more brands have been investing in sonic branding as the power of music’s impact on the subconscious becomes better understood, there has been little objective analysis and measurement of the effectiveness of sonic logos. The SoundOut Index changes that. We are proud to be the first to establish which sonic logos have built a powerful emotional connection with consumers.”

Paul Coxhill, managing director at Warc, added: “In an increasingly digital audio world, where audio channels such as music streaming services and podcasting are growing, a sonic identity is increasingly important. The SoundOut Index creates a useful new lens on this previously under-documented topic.”

Intriguingly, the Jester comedy archetype proved to be the most relatable category of all, with nine of the top 10 sonic logos employing the concept as a primary or secondary brand archetype.

Over the past year, a range of brands from O2 to Mastercard have penned their own sonic branding melodies.