By John Glenday, Reporter

May 12, 2021 | 2 min read

Sony Interactive Entertainment has debuted its latest PlayStation Plus commercial, focused on bringing to life the endless horizons of unlimited online play with friends.

The frenetic spot focuses on two friends engaged in a bitter battle to the death across a variety of gaming landscapes, utilizing every weapon at their disposal from swords to lasers and arrows to secure a well-earned win.

The deadly duel begins on the shattered landscape of a post-apocalyptic battlefield with both players engaged in a high-stakes laser battle, only for one player to be scythed down by a beam of high-energy light.

Death is never the end in gaming, however, and the losing player swiftly gets back on her feet to press her victorious friend into a ‘best of three’ battle of endurance.

What follows is a rapid-fire fight across landscapes ranging from a football field to a wild west town and a remote jungle as both players become the lead characters in their epic face-off across time and space.

The high-stakes game reaches its climax in a forest when a gargantuan monster threatens to end both players’ chances, with one player flying through the air trying to attack the monster while shouting “Just give up!” as a fireball erupts. Narrowly escaping the fire, the other friend shouts “Never!”

Hostilities only conclude when one hapless player inadvertently steps on a landmine, only for her bumbling challenger to do likewise moments later. Both look at each other and laugh and say “Best of?” for the cycle to begin once again.

Devised by creative agency adam&eveDDB and directed by Paul WS Anderson, the scattergun commercial is the latest advert in a series begun in 2019 to highlight the sheer variety and scope afforded by PlayStation Plus online play.

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