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Creative Works: 10 of the best ads of the week from Carhartt to KFC

By Imogen Watson and Ellen Ormesher | senior creative reporter & staff writer

May 12, 2021 | 10 min read

At The Drum, we believe great work deserves recognition and that talented creatives should get their share of reverence for the hard work they put in. So each week we will update our hall of fame, celebrating the 10 best ads from our Creative Works section. Welcome, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite!


Carhartt’s Mother’s Day campaign is ‘the shift that never ends’/Carhartt

In partnership with Adobe Stock, The Drum’s Creative Works is a handpicked selection of our favorite work from around the globe, covering digital, OOH, print, TV and radio. Each week, The Drum selects the 10 best ads from the section. To submit work, please fill out this online form.

P&G followed up on its much-lauded 2016 campaign for the Rio Olympics ‘Thank You Mom‘ with a new, multibrand campaign that celebrates the Olympic and Paralympic athletes who are commiting to acts of good and making a positive difference in their communities in the run-up to the postponed 2020 Tokyo games.

Meanwhile, Tourism New Zealand is welcoming Aussies back to the shores of Aotearoa following plans for a ‘Trans-Tasman bubble‘ between the two countries.

Also on the travel front – BA has launched its first campaign since 2019 when it celebrated its 100th birthday. ‘You Make Us Fly‘ reassures BA customers that they’re in safe hands when they choose to fly again as travel restrictions lift following the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s just for starters. Scroll down to see the best work from our Creative Works section. And don’t forget to vote!

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P&G: Love Leads to Good

As we gear up for the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, P&G has unveiled its multibrand campaign inspired by the many Olympic and Paralympic athletes who are not only achieving athletic greatness, but are also commiting to acts of good and making a positive difference in their communities.

Feeding into P&G’s wider ‘Lead with Love’ push, these sporting protégés are the stars of two new films marking the FMCG brand’s Olympic partnership.

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Coors: Because You Tried Today by Droga5

We all know a few of them. Some of us are them. The marathoners. The vegan/gluten-free/paleo evangelists. The hardcore outdoorsmen. The health and wellness devotees who can’t help but be, well, just a little obnoxious in their unfailing dedication and righteousness. Coors isn’t one of them.

That’s why the launch campaign for Coors Pure, its first USDA-certified organic beer, celebrates the small health and wellness wins in our daily lives. This includes everything from taking a ‘walk-run’ away from your kids to joining the standing desk craze.

The ‘because you tried today’ campaign playfully promotes Coors Pure, the new brewski made with nothing more than barley, hops and water and includes just 92 calories. It kicked off with two films created by iconic New York-based agency Droga5.

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British Airways: You Make Us Fly by Ogilvy

2020 was fight or (no) flight for the travel industry, with the pandemic disrupting the industry like never before. With trepidation, the UK is slowly opening back up, but with cases in India spreading like wildfire, it feels like a long time until we can travel with ease, with or without the vaccine passport.

And so British Airways (BA) has the impossible task of encouraging people to fly again, when the UK government would rather they stayed put. And so, for its first campaign in two years, BA wants to reassure its customers that they’re in safe hands when they choose to fly again, relying on a big brand campaign to pull it from a turbulent year that saw flights reduced by two-thirds, which caused a total annual operating loss of £6.4bn.

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Tourism New Zealand: Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go by Special Group

While New Zealand and Australia have shut themselves off to the rest of the world, back in April it announced plans for a ‘Trans-Tasman bubble’ between the two countries. And so, to encourage movement on this quarantine-free travel route, respective tourist boards got to work.

Exploring the idea that Australians have been dreaming of going to Aotearoa, Tourism New Zealand has devised a hilarious ad created in partnership with the Special Group.

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KFC: Your Chicken Could Never by Mother

KFC’s latest TV creative debuted as part of ITV’s BRIT Awards coverage and features a cross-section of fans all showing their love for KFC.

It includes everything from those 999 calls when KFC ran out of chicken, to people parading their home-made KFC merch, all set to the Barry White classic You’re The First, The Last, My Everything.

Some edits of the ad will also see the return of the brand’s beloved tagline, It’s Finger Lickin’ Good – one year after it was temporarily dropped from advertising in the UK.

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Hey Girls: Seeing Red by Adam&EveDDB

A psychological study is at the heart of a campaign by Hey Girls, the social enterprise founded by Celia Hodson to tackle period poverty. The idea, created by Adam&eveDDB, revolves around a film called ‘Seeing Red’, which has been carefully crafted to evoke anger that motivates positive action.

The proposed dictionary definition of period poverty, as shown in the film, is a lack of safe access to period products due to financial or social constraints.

The ‘Seeing Red’ film, produced by Prettybird and directed by Margot Bowman, depicts the anguish of a girl caught unprepared at school when her period starts, brought arrestingly – and graphically – to life.

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Royal London: The Book on Dying Well by Rankin

RL 16x9 GREY from RankinFilm on Vimeo.

The UK’s largest mutual life insurance, pension and investment company, Royal London, has teamed up with creative agency Rankin and Italian-born, Denmark-based illustrator Andrea Ucini for a purpose-led campaign to equip people with the tools they need to talk openly and honestly about death – and help prepare themselves and their loved ones for the inevitable.

The result is ‘How to Die Well’, a full-length book providing information and support on subjects ranging from end-of-life planning, settling estates and arranging a funeral, to saying goodbye to loved ones, coming to terms with the final farewell and coping with grief.

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Ocado: Just For You by St Luke’s

Marking its biggest national advertising campaign to date, Ocado has partnered with creative agency St Luke’s on a campaign that updates the strapline ‘The online supermarket’ to a new endline – ‘There’s an Ocado Just For You’. The move has been devised to reflect Ocado’s product range, whereby customers can personalize their shop.

The action is accompanied by a cheerful tune describing the scenes and ending with the new line – ‘There’s an Ocado just for you’.

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Carhartt: The Shift That Never Ends

Every mother knows that their work never ends. After a full day on the job, the mom shift starts back at home and it can be exhausting. This is something workwear brand Carhartt sought to emphasize in its Mother’s Day spot, which features real-world laborer moms – farmers, welders, electricians – who spend their days on the farm or on a job site.

Despite the portrayal of hardcore moms and their non-stop lives, the spot’s message is simple: Carhartt doesn’t make gear for Mother’s Day because for those 24 hours, Mom shouldn’t be working. Instead, the best thing these 364-day-a-year laborers can receive is a day of rest.

Vote for the work here. Do Not Disturb Suite has teamed up with football legend Eric Cantona to launch a collection of limited-edition ‘Do Not Disturb Suites’, designed especially for football fans who wish to escape and enjoy the ultimate, uninterrupted viewing experience for the Uefa Champions League Final, with all the perks that come with staying in a luxurious hotel.

The unique ‘Do Not Disturb Suites’ have been especially prepared so guests can relax in their hotel robe in a rare moment of privacy, and enjoy the biggest game in club football, with rooms featuring large TVs, king size beds and, importantly, peace and quiet.

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That’s it for this week’s round-up of the 10 best ads from The Drum’s Creative Works. Remember to email nominations to and to vote for your favorite ad.

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