‘Don’t completely lose your shit’: advises Ryan Reynolds in Aviation Gin/Mint Mobile PSA

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to help us navigate the cringe-worthy, eggplant-emoji-infused world of drunk texting. The American actor and ad industry darling offers some playful advice while co-promoting his Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile brands.

The world is emerging from lockdown and socialization has begun to resume some degree of normalcy. With this shift inevitably will come a resurgence of dating and hookups – an arena in which Ryan Reynolds recently made a splash with the viral Match.com and Mint Mobile collab campaign ‘Match Made in Hell’, a comic riff on our collective grievances about 2020.

This time around a concerned Reynolds warns: “Don’t Aviation and Mint.” After all, such activity is bound to inspire some regrettable digital decisions – even from his own mother. The parodic public service announcement promotes two of his brands: Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile.

Created by Maximum Effort Productions – Reynolds’ production company – the film opens on Reynolds standing against a cloudy backdrop. “It’s been a long and dark period,” he delivers with a stony gaze. “But finally, a light has started to shine – bars and restaurants are opening their doors and the distance between us all is finally starting to disappear.”

Reynolds says that while we all may be eager to get back out there and start “once again wearing pants with no drawstrings”, we should be wary of gin-induced flirty texting. “When you Aviation and Mint, it never goes well,” says Reynolds, as graphics of text message bubbles pop up in the background reading, “Let’s bang,” followed by a prompt retort stating, “Wrong number.” Reynolds goes on: “Dignity and grammar can vanish in an instant. Emoji abuse spreads unchecked. And for some reason, too many DMs are accidentally sent to the wrong person.”

‘Don’t Aviation and Mint’ was created to promote both Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile, the wireless carrier whose revenues have grown upwards of 50,000% in the past three years thanks in large part to Reynolds’ marketing efforts. The campaign includes a hero film, slew of digital ads deployed across social channels and some choice wisdom.

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