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Ad of the Day: Formula E and Uncommon gear up for an electric future

Electric motorsport championship Formula E has partnered with Uncommon Creative Studio to launch its new brand positioning ‘Change Accelerated’, with a spot that situates electric racing as the future of the sport.

The latest ad hinges on the notion that Formula E has the capacity to not only excite the next generation of sports fans with its gripping on-track action, but that the future of the sport is electric.

Founded to counteract climate change by accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles, Formula E has subsequently been evolving its purpose to become an all-encompassing race for better futures, in alignment with the FIA’s Purpose Driven movement.

It is also dedicated to its commitment to counteract climate change and campaign for others to do the same, as Formula E is also the only sport in history to be certified net-zero carbon since inception.

As a result, the brand hopes that the latest ad will capture the unique sport’s ability to act as a catalyst for positive change around the world.

Co-founder of Uncommon, Nils Leonard, says of the campaign: “The power of sport has always played a role in moving the world forward. More than any fly poster or political rant, sport can hold a mirror up to problems in our society and raise the attention needed to help create real change.

“The sentiment behind ‘Change Accelerated’ is all about progress – Formula E is at the forefront of creating a sustainable force for good in the racing industry.”

The spot itself marks Formula E’s first season as an official FIA World Championship, and features the voice of science fiction writer and futurist Sir Arthur C Clarke.

As far back as the 1960s Clarke predicted many of the phenomena that have shaped our modern world, including space travel, AI and the internet. The use of a recording of Clarke speaking at the 1964 New York World Fair further reflects the sport’s ambitious commitment to drive towards a more positive future by accelerating meaningful change in the world.

Henry Chilcott, Formula E’s chief brand officer, says of the campaign: “‘Change Accelerated’ is a message which pushes us both to embrace change and to accelerate towards it.

“Everything Formula E does aims to showcase how we are leading the way in sport, on and off the track. We’re so excited to share this film created with Uncommon, which captures our ambition, spirit and the thrilling nature of electric street racing perfectly.”

To capture the high-stakes excitement of racing, the ad was filmed completely in-camera with no post effects. Entirely filmed in Mexico, the production worked closely with art direction and production design to successfully achieve the look, feel and energy of the different cities around the world where Formula E stages its race weekends.

The film is set to run across multiple media touchpoints including TV, digital, social and broadcast channels in the UK, Germany, US and other global markets, and will continue to air throughout the remainder of Formula E’s seventh season.

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