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Rebranding AdventHealth: how analysis and automation built brand awareness

A key goal of the camapign was to increase conversions by more than 30%.

Net Conversion won in the 'Healthcare and Pharma' category at the US arm of The Drum Awards for Marketing in 2020. Here, the team behind the entry explains the complex challenges it faced in delivering AdventHealth's rebrand marketing campaign.

The challenge

AdventHealth wanted to deliver steady traffic to its medical offices, while undergoing a massive rebranding campaign across all facilities and multiple states.

Before the rebrand, 47 hospitals across nine states operated under 30 different local brands, despite all being part of the larger Adventist Health System which had a 108-year legacy. Net Conversion's task was to develop a strategy that would translate the rebrand to existing clients and stakeholders, while attracting new business, and adding new service lines.

The strategy

To successfully run hundreds of very niche, medical specialty campaigns at the same time as a complete rebranding effort, was clearly not a straightforward task. The manage it all successfully, Net Conversion needed to create a process that would successfully align with the company's audience and KPIs.

The team's approach included a three-step process to drive performance and meet new goals - in tandem with existing efforts. The first involved conducting market research, executing the campaigns, and identifying the optimal media mix for a number of different channel. Second, the team monitored performance and evaluated those changes to begin reporting results. Third, they elevated their focus to intra-channel and cross-channel media optimizations.

Throughout the process, it was important to ensure the bid strategy, messaging, segmentation, and optimizations would allow for customized, but automated, reporting. For example, by using Google Ads to manage the ads for the Volume Search Advertising initiative, they implemented a script that picked the top 3 performing ads in each ad group and paused all others. Google Analytics and Google Data Studio allowed for automated reporting, which meant the team could build dashboards for micro-conversions, or detailed location extension performance metrics.

By automating these processes, Net Conversion's analysts were able to focus on something more important - continuously aligning their strategies with the client’s goals.

The campaign

For Search Awareness, the team tested two messages with Google Ads: “Will Soon Be” and “Is Now”. They leveraged analytics to recommend bidding changes and Google Trends to track brand search demand.

This had a two-fold objective. Firstly, to drive volume for six geographic regions and a large number of subspecialties and campaigns. Secondly, to increase brand awareness as part of AdventHealth’s rebrand. Both had ambitious targets: the former a 30% increase in conversions, the latter a 20% increase in CTR and five times the brand search demand.

The first challenge was driving traffic at scale, while managing each stakeholder as an individual business, and providing them with clear reporting and analytics. The second challenge was to deliver major growth in Search Awareness for the rebranding. Lastly, since the two separate initiatives would run simultaneously, it was crucial to maintain performance and prevent brand confusion.

The results

In the ongoing Paid Search campaigns, tasked with generating traffic at scale, with the number of subspecialties and campaigns having increased by 43% and 66%, respectively, the agency rose toe meet the challenge. It delivered a 59% increase in clicks, a 93% increase in conversions, and 12% decrease in CPA year on year. The KPIs for the Search Awareness campaign were tied to brand awareness and lift, with our efforts driving 171% more impressions, 44% more CTR, and 13 times the brand search demand.

“Net Conversion has been an invaluable partner in assisting the AdventHealth digital team with planning, building, and executing paid search campaigns that have generated awareness of our recent rebrand while continuing to drive conversions at a low average CPA.” - Chris Messeroff, AdventHealth search engine marketing manager

This project was a winner at The Drum Awards for Marketing in 2020. To find out which competitions in The Drum Awards are currently open for entries, click here.