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UK Digital Agency Census: the UK’s best agencies for client satisfaction revealed

Which are the best digital agencies in the country for client satisfaction?

In a year of pandemic, lockdown and recession, good client relationships have been lifelines for digital agencies as they weather the storm. In the past 12 months, new strategies and forms of best practice for keeping clients satisfied have emerged.

To discover which of the UK’s digital agencies had been most successful in keeping clients happy, The Drum’s UK Digital Agency Census surveyed clients up and down the country for their perspective on their partners.

We take a look today at some of the Census results as we reveal the top 50 digital agencies in Britain for client satisfaction. The poll asked clients to rate their agencies across a number of measures, such as value for money, quality of work and whether they would recommend their agency to other marketers.

We’ve listed the top five agencies in the list below; you can find the full ranked top 50 list here.

The Drum Digital Agency Census will culminate next week when we unveil the Elite List – a best-of-the-best ranking of the finest digital agencies in the country for client satisfaction, creative output and peer recommendation.

Which are the best digital agencies in the country for client satisfaction?

Peer rank Agency
1 Soap Media
2 Brave Spark
3 Adtrak
4 Push Group
5 Kyan

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